16Apr 2015

Ways to Cut the Costs of Removals In Wandsworth

Removals are downright tedious and time consuming that is why a lot of people tend to rely on companies that provide removal service in Wandsworth. However, the like any other service, it comes at a certain price and not everyone can afford the exuberant prices some of these companies quote. Additionally, some of the big companies charge big based on their reputation and presentation, however, you do not necessarily need a shiny new truck to move, an old one will do just fine. Thus, it is important not to fall for the marketing tricks such companies employ to lure clients and find a company that offers the right service at the right price – no nonsense.

So, how do you find a company that provides cheap removals? It is easy to find companies offering cheap service, however, a company in the SW8 region that offers a cheap service without compromising on the quality of service is a little hard to come by. Nonetheless, it is possible. Given that finding such a company is a task in itself, some might even question the whole point of spending so much and time and effort in doing so. If you do care to save a little money though, a little bit of effort won’t seem like much in the end.

First and foremost, before going hunting for the perfect company, you need to assess your requirements: is there a need for professional assistance? Will you need packing assistance or help with lifting and handling of your belongings? If yes, then you need to start looking for a professional removal service and you need not go far; a mere search on the internet will list dozens of companies close to your area providing the service you require. Shortlist a few companies that come closest to providing the service you need.

Now, before moving any further, it is time to think about a few things. Go though all the stuff in your home in the SW18 area and see what all is not going with you. It is important that you get rid of that by either throwing it away or giving it away for recycling before moving so that you do not have to pack it and waste money on packing material and effort in lifting it. Second, see if you can pack everything on your own; go into the attic and bring out all the packing boxes that you have folded away. A duct tape and packing boxes should be enough. Use cushions, pillows and bath towels as padding for fragile items. This way you have avoided any expenses related to packing.

Next comes handling and lifting these boxes. If you have friends and relatives that can pitch in, that is awesome. Give them some head notice and make sure that they are there for both the loading and unloading. This way, the only expense you will be bearing would be the transportation. Office or home removals in Wandsworth don’t get cheaper than that.

There is one thing that you have to keep in mind while selecting your transportation: the size of the removal van should complement the number of boxes you have. If the truck is too big, you are paying too much. If it is too small, it will end up costing more and the truck will have to make more than one trip.

If you need more than just transportation, say, help with lifting as well, you are better off hiring a small removal company in the SW11 district that deals with small removals as they will offer better value for money. Such companies offer all inclusive comprehensive packages that cover everything from packing to transportation. Just make sure that the company you pick has good reviews: check to see if any customers have left any notes about their experience with the company.

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