30Mar 2015

Tips When Moving House in Westminster

There’s never anything worse than the feeling of coming to the realisation that you have left yourself with too much to do in too little time. House moves in Westminster can often follow this path. With so much to do and trying to fit it all around daily work and family commitments, preparations for house removals often get left until the last minute, by which point they become rushed and important things get overlooked. Use our advice to make sure you cover everything for your house move, and enjoy a seamless transition into your new home.

1.    Take your time and start early.
If you have left everything to the last minute, you may not be able to book with the removal company that you wanted. Good companies in Westminster, W1 tend to get booked up for weeks and even months at a time, so begin all your preparations well in advance. If the weeks have snuck up on you and your move is just around the corner, there are still companies that you’ll be able to call upon, however it’s unlikely that they’ll be your first choice. There are plenty of man and van services out there, however these tend to only deal with small removals. Nevertheless if you are running out of time to secure your preferred moving company, it’s always worth keeping a note of a few backups, just in case you have to call upon them in the 11th hour.

2.    Ask questions.
It’s highly advisable for you ask a few crucial questions and find out as much information about the company as you can before going straight in and making a booking with a company. Find out if the company is part of the British Association of Removers. This membership acts as a sign of authenticity and is a true indication that the company is a professional, trained and a quality establishment. References can also help you to make up your mind about a given company, so be sure to ask for some from some of their most recent customers. Next, and once you’ve given them the details of your move, ask them to go through what will happen on moving day, including how long it will take, how many people they’ll send etc.

3.    Don’t be misguided by low prices.
Price isn’t everything when it comes to hiring a removal service, because after all, cheap removals doesn’t necessarily mean quality removals. Many people’s eyes light up when they see or hear about low prices being offered, thinking that they can save a bit of money that could perhaps go towards buying some new furniture for the house. But if you get with the wrong company, you can forget about buying new furniture and instead think about replacing your damaged or missing items. So don’t go for a company just because they’re offering low prices. Think about the reasons as to why the prices are so low, because a company’s pricing strategy often reflects their  overall condition as a company. Having said that, there are some quality and highly professional companies that do offer low prices, so don’t instantly discard any company with low prices. Just do a decent amount of research, ask for recommendations, and you’ll make the right decision.

4.    Don’t be too proud to ask for help.
Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to tackle a house move in Westminster. If the strain is too much for you to handle, get some help, whether it be with packing, storage or transportation and enjoy a stress free move into your new home.

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