17Dec 2014
Tips On Hiring A Removal Company In Time For Your House Move To Fulham

Hiring a removal company in time for your house move to Fulham means that you will have a fair amount of questions that you will need to be answered. Moving house is probably one of the most stressful things that we can ever encounter in our life and hiring a man with a van, definitely makes life easier. Relocation is part of everyone’s life at some point and we always seek expert and professional help when it comes to being able to do this part of the move correctly. Below are some valuable tips that you can use when it comes to planning your move, ensuring it goes safely and smoothly:

1)    Prepare a moving checklist. This will make sure that you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to relocating to the new house in Fulham, SW6. It is amazing how many people choose to move house and do not have any form or type of organisation when it comes to putting everything together. This checklist will ensure that you know what is going where and how many things you have. It also acts as verification when your items are in transit to safe guard and protect all your furniture and other belongings. Sadly, it has often happened that some rogue removal companies will load up the van perfectly and then take out some small valuables, leaving you wondering what is there and what isn’t. Best safe than sorry.

2)    Finding a company that does both removals and storage. This may not be necessary for everyone, however if you have a set date that you are moving out by and the new place in the SW10 region isn’t ready for around 3 weeks ahead, you’re in a bit of a pickle when it comes to storing your items. Fortunately, these types of companies for a set fee, store all your goods making sure that you do not have to worry about where you are going to keep them between your move!

3)    Outlining the difference between standard and small removals. Standard relocations include things like big furniture, dining tables, chairs and beds. Small removals to the SW6 districtcan be personal belongings and household items that can be taken from one place to another using your car (if you have one) or borrowing the neighbour’s or friends/family. When hiring a man with a van company, make sure you’re only really doing it because you cannot move out all the stuff yourself.

4)    Research if they have the appropriate licences and insurance. It is sad that house movers these days need to check everything but with the amount of fraudulent and cowboy stuff going on, it is wise to always do your homework first before you get yourself in any kind of mess. All legitimate companies in Fulham are able to show you their licences as well as any other qualifications they may have, making sure that all your items and possessions are safe to be carried when you choose to book with them.

5)    Inquiring about how much they charge, whether it comes to flat rate or whether it comes to hourly rates. Sometimes hourly rates work better if it’s a local job and other times, flat rates; when it is a considerable distance. Also find out if they include VAT on the on the moving van or not.