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Get the best man and van services if you are in search of professional help for your house removals or office equipment move. Reserve your appointment on 020 8746 4417!

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Our low prices are an additional bonus when you’re hiring our top quality man and a van removals team.

By phoning 020 8746 4417 you can hear firsthand the incredible savings you can make when moving home with our removals firm. Great value however doesn’t come at a price with our removals company. It simply shows you can hire a top-quality removals carrier who can give you a professional furniture removals service at a price far more reasonable than elsewhere.


From the delivery of boxes to the final move, the team was extremely professional and efficient. They took care of everything with extra attention to my sensitive items.


Kudos to this skilled team for their outstanding work.Prompt and careful, they left nothing to chance. No unexpected shocks at the end. A polished and professional operation that made working together a delight.Thank you.

Denny Burton

In no time at all, Superman Removals Company completed the move, leaving me stress-free and ready to start fresh in my new place.

Caroline Heyworth

We appreciated how organized and skillful the movers were, making sure that our relocation was completed without any complications or delays in only one day, showcasing their level of professionalism.

Mrs G. Frakes

They exhibited exemplary respect and thoughtfulness, ensuring they comprehended every aspect completely. You stayed true to your word and addressed all my concerns effectively! Outstanding customer service!

Jamie Abbey

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of their customer service team, these movers provided an unforgettable moving experience.

Shannon Myland

Thanks to Superman and Van, I didn't have to worry about a thing while shifting my bulky furniture - they took care of everything with utmost precision.

Marilyn Gross

Our experience with the movers exceeded our expectations as they needed no supervision or assistance to complete their tasks seamlessly, while the van used was properly equipped and roomy.

Clayton M.

With Superman, you can trust that your move will be handled with care and professionalism.


A dependable service for a seamless moving experience.

Charles Carter

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