I've hired their moving services a couple of times now. Superman Removals London never fail to impress, have never let me down. I thoroughly recommend their services.
Dave C.08/12/2017
Their removal services were cheap and the standard of service was exceptional. It was a great all-round experience with Superman Removals.
Nicole K.06/11/2017
I needed a removals company and went for Superman and Van Removal Company. Their prices drew me in. It was a great deal, and they didn't disappoint on the day either.
Rylan O.02/10/2017
I had a great experience working with Superman and Van Removal Company for my house removals earlier this year. They were really reasonably priced, and the moving team worked incredibly hard to meet an unexpectedly tight deadline to move, and never complained once. Can't fault them at all, a really outstanding level of service.
Harvey Jayne18/09/2017
Despite the stairways we had to deal with during my house moving, the relocation was smooth and affordable. I highly recommend Superman.
Jacob J.28/08/2017
I called Superman Removals Company after my neighbour recommended that I try their services. I wanted the movers to pack, load, unload and unpack since I was busy. I let my friend oversee the whole process. After some hours, I called him, and he told me that the movers were so efficient. They did the whole task fast and at an affordable cost. My friend loved the experience with them, and he even told me that he wouldn't look elsewhere once he decided to move.
Ken Anderson10/08/2017
Just moved out of my ground level home to an upstairs flat, and I was really worried how difficult it would be to move everything with just me and my brother. We ended up hiring Superman Removals Company because we'd had friends who had used them in the past. They did a really removal good job, and we got settled in quickly. Great work!
P. Brown26/07/2017
Superman Removals London is by far the best removal company I have ever worked with. They really give their customers the best service they need at affordable prices. You can't go wrong with this company.
F. North28/06/2017
We needed new movers at the last minute for a house moving we'd planned. Superman and Van came through in a pinch and best of all they didn't charge us an arm and a leg.
D. Humphries13/06/2017
Superman and Van made my house removals go by with easy. It was also a cost-effective service which made it all the more better.
Jerome Tyler31/05/2017
Getting my removals taken care of by Superman really did prove to be a lucrative deal.
Jeremy J.15/05/2017
I realized that the cost to move my home was too high. I hired Superman that reduced part of the cost of delivering the cheapest home removals service. They helped me reduce cost by 30% off the total cost.
I was stuck in moving my office! I contacted Superman Removals Company and got a reasonably priced quote for my house removal. They were inexpensive and dependable!
F. Anderson04/04/2017
Loved the work of Superman Removals London. They delivered an amazing removal service at a reasonable price! My highest recommendations.
Laurel H.15/03/2017
Cheap and reliable removal service! Would recommend Superman Removals!
Jessica B.13/02/2017
Used their removal services 2 days ago and I am really pleased with the result. The guys from Superman Removals were friendly and hard-working. I didn't have to lift a finger and got the most stress-free move in my life!
John Davidson24/01/2017
The most dependable man and van team I have ever worked with. The team from Superman and Van Removals came on time and delivered an amazing service! Cheap and quick!
D. Parker13/12/2016
Hired Superman for commercial removals and got a cheap and efficient service! Would hire them again!
George Bradley21/11/2016
I hired Superman and Van Removal Company for house removals a few days ago and I must say that they went above and beyond to complete the job on time. The items I had to move were many and I was surprised that they moved them within such a short period of time. I saved money, time and the hassle. Great value overall.
Superman helped me a lot when I was in need of help with the furniture moving. There was a huge sofa that needed transportation to a new place and I went to the professionals for the task. They had just the right team and van for me and handled the task immediately. Very happy with all the work they did, will be recommending them for sure!
Peter S.28/10/2016
When I found myself ready to move and I had a whole home filled with memories and furniture I wanted moved, so I called Superman Removals Company. They happen to have a wonderful team of movers who seemed like energizer bunnies, just working and wrapping and packing and... It was a flurry of motion. You rock!
Christine Garner27/09/2016
I was moving quite a distance, but with the help I received from Superman Removals London, my house move was just a breeze. They listened to my wants and needs and followed through on everything that had been prearranged. I welcomed them into my home bang on time, and they got to work, leaving me to get on with some final arrangements and sort out other aspects of my move. Thanks for making it a manageable, and actually quite an enjoyable experience!
Lisa O'Keefe29/08/2016
Removals have just moved some furniture for me and it all went very well with no loss or damage. The team were careful, and loaded safely and secured the heavy pieces and covered up with protective sheets to stop anything from getting scratched. The movers took care when handling the furniture and it didn't cost much either. Great job!!
Sean Cain02/12/2015
After moving too many times to mention both in the UK and overseas I have had my fair share of problems with removal companies. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Superman Removals Company. They are by far the best removal company I have used, in terms of price, service and staff alike. They showed that they are a very experienced and professional company. The removal team handled our belongings carefully and we did not get charged a penny more than what we had agreed upon. I would be more than happy to use this company again in the future.
Evelyn B.17/11/2015