12May 2015

Self Storage Services in Canary Wharf

Self storage is often considered a very beneficial service if you want to de-clutter your house in Canary Wharf. Once you know what to expect, you will certainly be able to use its benefits to the maximum. These are some of the key points about self storage.

What is Self Storage: Self storages in are used to store personal belongings. Since a person has private access to his/her storage unit, he/she can come and go as they please.

Benefits: A self storage unit is often used during the home removal/office removal process in Canary Wharf, E14 to store some of the goods that may not be required in the new location. Often, movers in London extend the self storage services to the customers to make it a seamless removal process. You may also use the storage facility seasonally to store a few decorations, furniture or even your sports equipment. It can also be used as a place to store some of your important files. You may also find the service beneficial when you want to create additional space at your house or downsize your office.

Sizes: The added bonus to this already appealing prospect is that you can use an online space calculator provided by the moving companies in the E1 area. Some also assist you in measuring each of your boxes and accordingly creating a visual of the size of storage unit you may need. So you do not have to pay extra for all the space that you don’t need. At later stages, if you want to store more things or remove a few, you can change your unit anytime depending on the size you require.

Duration: Most of the relocation firms that offer this service charge on a monthly basis and hence you can decide anytime as to how long you want to keep the storage facility. There is no long-term contract binding you to the company.

Security: The storage or removal company in E14 shoulders the responsibility of safety of goods in the premises. Most storage companies have CCTV cameras, security codes, electric fences to ensure safety of the goods.

Insurance: Most storage services require you to have insurance, so that damages to any property are covered, and offer various insurance plans.

Enhanced Services: Some storage services in Canary Wharf allow you to drive up right to you facility while some offer you large elevators to carry your property. Some even offer storage units large enough to load your vehicles or boats and also offer temperature controlled conditions. There are some which offer a bay to shield you from snow and rain so that you can unload all your stuff without a hassle. Hiring a man and van will help ease the removal process.

Other Key Points: It is a prerequisite to check that the storage facility that you have chosen has sufficient space; otherwise you would have to pay extra charges at a later stage. Protection from dust and little to no exposure to the sunlight along with low humidity are generally the desired condition for long-term storing. Before signing any contract, you should go through all the points and discuss with the company in case of doubts. Also, keep in mind that the insurance covers only the damage caused to your property by the movers and not in case of damage caused by any error in packaging done by you. All these facilities have made self storage more cost effective and a very secure solution.

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