29Jul 2015

Tips to Avoiding Delays While Moving House To Finchley

You may be looking forward to moving house to Finchley, unable to sleep from the excitement of such a massive change and promise of new beginnings, but if your organisation falls apart, it can quickly become a complete nightmare. To make it as quick and easy for yourself as possible, there are certain steps you can take which will get you unpacked and settled in as soon as possible.

The first main point to remember is to maintain communication. Through all the stages of your relocation to N12, keep in close contact with your estate agent, conveyancing solicitor and at least one representative of the removal company you’re using. These people rely hugely on positive customer feedback, so don’t be afraid to bring up any issue they may be able to help with. During your initial planning stages, you should also try to avoid same day exchange and completion. This is especially important if you’re part of a chain of people who are moving house, as it only takes one person with a big enough issue for all of your carefully thought-out plans to go to waste. If you’re using a ‘help to buy’ loan, the HCA could take up to a whole week to release the funds between exchange and completion. Leaving a week between the exchange and rounding off the whole process will also give you time to establish a Royal Mail redirect service, which takes up to five working days.

One of the most important things you can remember to avoid any delays in moving house to Finchley, N12 is to make sure all the necessary funds are ready to be paid. Double and triple check that your conveyancing solicitor has all their required funds close to the day of the move, to avoid any nasty surprises when you think you’ve finally made it. It’s also a good idea to start budgeting a substantial amount for any costs that may come after the move, such as changing locks, and servicing the electricity, plumbing etc. You should also browse, compare and select a good removal company as early as possible in the process. A professional removal service in N3 can take a massive amount of stress out of the whole ordeal of moving house, but can end up as just another burden if you don’t choose a well reputed firm. Leave plenty of time to compare different removals quotes, and it will be one less thing to worry about when it comes to the big day.

When all the paperwork has gone through and you officially own your new home in Finchley, there are several things you can do in preparation close to or on your actual moving day. First of all, make up your new beds in advance, so that when the whole ordeal is over and you’ve unpacked all the essentials you can go upstairs and simply collapse into a good night’s sleep. It’s an unfortunately common story for people to focus on all the ins and outs of moving so much that when they’re finally settled in they suddenly realise they neglected to bring any food! Arrange for food to be delivered to your new address a few days in advance to be sure, but leave a good enough gap between the peak of the chaos and the delivery. You don’t want the delivery man to have to pass all your shopping through a miniscule gap because your sofa’s become lodged in your new hallway. Finally, like you’ve hopefully done with your old home, take readings of all your metred services, then contact the providers to make sure you don’t get cut off, and check for any outstanding costs.

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