30 October 2020

Ways to Make Your House Move to Clapham More Eco Friendly

moving house

With more of us becoming more and more aware when it comes to the environment, plenty of people are turning to something that wasn’t quite available even perhaps a decade ago, on a wide scale. Things like Greenpeace and environmental campaigners have brought to our attention that not everything that we use to move houses, especially boxes and other bags we may use to house and contain our belongings, don’t seem to be bio-degradable. Which means that many removal companies based in Clapham know that what they are required to provide is a service that is top-notch and a cut above the rest? There are a few incredible ways to be able to make your move to the SW4 region eco-friendly, which will not only help you, however help the environment instead of sticking to the standard “man with a van”. Living in a supercity such as London, gives us the advantage to choose removal companies in London that offer this service.

removal van

Firstly, choose a removal van that uses bio-diesel fuel. Bio-diesel fuel is an alternative fuel to what we normal use, which is fossil fuel. Produced straight from vegetable oil, animal fats or even recycled restaurant grease! This incredible new version of environmentally friendly fuel enables us to stop hurting the ozone layer by making it carbon neutral. This basically means that the fuel itself has no real output of carbon dioxide, since when the oil crop grows, it also absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide, is as released when fuel is combusted into the air.

Secondly, rent reusable or recyclable packing materials from the wide array of eco-friendly house moving companies based in the SW11 that have been especially and specifically designed with “green-moving” in mind. A lot of green moving companies rent out re-usable plastic moving crates that are both crush-proof and stackable. The great thing about this is the fact that, because they are reusable, you won’t have pesky empty boxes and polythene bags lying around waiting to be disposed of!

moving boxes

Thirdly, find places that have empty boxes if you are pressed for time, if you really require them. A lot of people in the SW4 district trot off to places like Staples for empty boxes whereas a very inexpensive way to be able to get free boxes is to actually ask your newsagent, off-licence or even your local supermarket such as Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s. You would be surprised how many boxes these places simply throw away and they would be more than glad to give them to you. You are taking a load off their hands only because they are paying to dump or recycle these boxes and in saving them money, they are most happy to be generous. Things like Freecycling can really help a non-profit organization that helps people keep things out of landfills by helping each other, by exchanging.

Fourthly, clean your old premises with all the green cleaners. Places like Holland and Barrett as well as other independent food stores in Clapham that you can use yourself or instruct your SW11 based removal company to be able to do that for you. Most cleaning suppliers are filled with harsh chemicals as well being health hazard to any small animals or plants and also corrosive to yourself. You owe it to yourself to invest into green friendly cleaners that often have properly bio-degradable containers that you can buy them in, which helps!

house movers

Lastly, donate. If you’re moving in July, please do not wait until June to start packing. Start somewhere in April and be completely honest with yourself. If there are things that are not essentials, share them with those who will be able to appreciate them.

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