30 October 2020

Way to Pack String Instruments for Moving House to Marylebone

packing string instruments

For most of us, our instruments are our pride and joy. We take care of them, clean them regularly and don’t want any harm to come to them. However, most instruments can be tricky to keep from harm’s way; they have keys, buttons and machine heads that can get caught, delicate surfaces that can get scratched and loose parts which can get lost. Unfortunately, when an instrument gets damaged, it can affect its sound or even render it useless. Repairs can cost a lot of money, and even then, the instrument may not sound exactly the same as it once did. This can be a problem while moving house to Marylebone as, if the movers aren’t aware of how delicate instruments can be, they can be thrown in the removal van and left to bounce around. Here are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

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Take it with you

The most effective way of preventing your instrument from being damaged while moving house to the NW1 region is to bring them with you in the car, rather than put them on the removal van. This way, you can keep an eye on them from the beginning to the end of the journey, and ensure no harm comes to them. Pack the instrument, together with any parts, in its case and place it in its own seat. If there’s no room for it to have a seat, place it on top of the luggage in the boot of your car.

Alternatively, you could ask a friend to look after it during the move and deliver it to your new home in the W1 once you’ve moved house. This way, it’s kept completely out of the way during the chaos.

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Hard case

If you have no room in your car, or are using an alternative mode of transport, you may have to use the removal van to transport your instrument to your new place in Marylebone, NW1. Investing in a hard case for your instrument isn’t only good for travel purposes, it can be handy in general. They don’t need to be expensive either, with many available on popular auction sides for low prices. They’re specially designed for the instrument so often also have special compartments for spare parts, cleaning equipment and straps.

Hard cases are made out of strong, solid material, as opposed to regularly material instrument bags that are just designed for carrying. Not only does its hard exterior protect the instrument from scratches, but they fit snuggly around it so it doesn’t rattle around, and have soft interiors to cushion the instrument against knocks.

Despite being very durable, it’s still wise to mark the outside of the hard case as fragile so the W1 based removal company knows to be gentle with it and to place it on top of the other items.

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Soft case

If you don’t have time to purchase a hard case and don’t have one already, you may have to make do with your regular soft, material case. Although this isn’t ideal, there are still ways to secure and protect your instrument. Start by removing any detachable parts and putting them in a clear, labelled bag. Next, loosen the strings so there’s no chance of them snapping. You then need to wrap the instrument in blankets and secure them. Place the instrument in its bag in a box similar to the size of the instrument so that it doesn’t bounce around and pad it out with more towels or blankets. Clearly label the box and mark it as fragile so the removal company knows to treat it with care and pack it towards the top of the removal van.

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