16Jul 2015

A Perfect Move Furniture Removals To Hampstead

When you are planning a big move to Hampstead, then furniture is probably going to be the hardest area to tackle in your home or office move. Not only are you going to need some help, you will also have to look into safe lifting and ways to protect your back, and the rest of your body. The most important thing to remember is that it’s not worth taking a risk when it comes to protecting your joints, if you are in doubt about whether you can lift something on your own then don’t try to attempt it.

1. Get your help sorted. Now that you have established that you will need to get some help for your furniture move to NW6, you will need to decide who it is that’s going to help. The obvious idea would be to look into moving companies, professionals are going to be the best people to help you although they may not be so cost effective. Ask around for some quotes to begin with, decide how big the team will need to be and how many furniture pieces will need to be moved so that your estimate is accurate. A less expensive way would be to hire a man and van, this will be useful if you don’t have too many large items to move. Be prepared to help out however as you will be lacking in a team and be realistic about how much stuff you may have, you don’t want to be refused if it’s going to be hard to fit everything in. Of course a great and inexpensive solution will be to get your friends involved, if you are moving a distance away then you will probably still have to hire a removal van, but you can save on labour if your friends are happy to help out.

2. If it is you and your friends then sit down beforehand and talk about the safe ways to lift items. Squat down with your knees bent, then lift using your whole body. Never try and lift anything by bending over with straight legs, this is the easiest way to cause injury. If your friends have been kind enough to help out then it might be a good idea to print of some safe lifting images and stick them up in your rooms as a reminder.

3. Give out an itinerary of where everything is to go. Make sure your professional movers or friends have an idea of where everything needs to be when you get to your new location in Hampstead, NW3. This way they will be able to easily move everything into the right rooms making things go a bit more smoothly. Draw out plans if you can.

4. Protect furniture. Most removal services will have insurance that protects your things, but if you are moving to NW11 with friends then it might be a good idea to get your things insured. Also go to some lengths to protect edges with sheets or bubble wrap, knocks can easily happen and you want to make sure you don’t damage your items or walls on the way out or in.

5. Take breaks. Most importantly a furniture move to Hampstead can be tough on the body so ensure that everyone takes regular breaks and stays hydrated. Make sure no one is doing more than they can manage.

Your move shouldn’t be too hard as long as you stay in control and plan ahead with insurance and safety precautions. Keep an eye on everyone and get ready to let them help you enjoy your new home.

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